Properly groomed dogs just ooze cleanliness and perfection. From their fur to their paws, everything should be squeaky clean because the appearance of your favorite our legged pet reflects on you, its owner. Hence, your dog needs proper grooming but here’s the catch. Not many people can do this well, it’s either because they don’t know how to go about it or they don’t just have the time. So if you feel like your dog isn’t properly groomed or are you running out of time to do it efficiently then this piece is for you. Do, step right up because we’re exploring useful tips on how you can do this better and at less time.



Choose your weapons

For proper dog grooming, You’re going to need some equipment to get this show on the road. This includes scissors, a vet recommended shampoo, comb, clippers, nail cutter, spray, pin brush and several others. If you don’t have all this then do well to head over to the supply store. It’s important to get these before you commence the actual process. Once you’ve gotten them, store them in a special drawer, that way you won’t have to look for anything.


Brush first

Your dog picks up a lot of debris on his coat, so brushing removes them before you head over to the tub. You can do this under 2 minutes. Brush in vertical and horizontal sweeps all the way down.


You can immerse your dog in the tub or run water with him inside, either way try to scrub really well. You can use a hard loofah with the shampoo or the brush to do light sweeps. Just get all the dirt out and once you’re done, dry. You can get this done in 3 minutes.

Grooming time

If there’s no one to help you then you have to position your dog in a way that he can’t move freely. Check and trim his toe nails, clip and trim his fur accordingly. It’s important to clip his hair after bathing him, that way it’s easier and dirt won’t damage your clipper.

Finishing touches

Once you’re done with his fur and nails, just comb his fur all the way down and add anything you would want, if you’re up for a perm then your spray would come in handy.

The trick to finishing faster is to be organized from the beginning. Keep a storage drawer for your tools, have a routine, and then execute. It works faster than not having any vision in place. The whole process would take under 15 minutes if you follow these tips. That way you can finish grooming and check it off your list, carry out other chores, go to work and come home to a well groomed dog. Everyone’s happy.


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