Tiny Puppy 🐶 Is The Apple Of His Foster Mom’s Eyes

In 9 days 361,509 views, this is the video on next page!! Candice has been fostering dogs for more than 10 years.

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Throughout the period, she has fosters all types of dogs – adult dog, puppies, and mom with puppies. She admits that the hardest part of fostering is to let them go to new homes.

However, it gives her immense satisfaction to be able to make a difference in the lives of the shelter dogs.

Penny is the tiniest dogs that she has fostered until now. The puppy was only three days old when she brought him home.

Someone has bred their dog too early so there were no maternal instincts in the momma.

The other dogs that Candice owns helped Penny in every way they could. It was a sense of relief when the puppy started bottle feeding and gained back some strength.

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They saw her eyes open and also when she started to walk on her feet.

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