Poodle Killed By 2 Other Dogs In A Frenzy And Savage Attack

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Owning and loving a pet is like having a little fellow walking around with your heart.

– Imagine just going for a friendly walk with your pet dog, but ending the day in a complete disaster!
– Gary Biram tragically lost his pet dog one day while strolling in a park.
– The entire family mourns with the unexpected and tragic way of losing their beloved pet dog.

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While doing their regular morning walk, Gary Biram and his 14-year-old poodle named Emma encountered not just one but TWO large dogs!

Unknowingly, these dogs would cause the death of Emma, as they savagely attacked the tiny dog who was helpless and completely unable to defend itself during the attack.

Gary was also helpless as the two huge dogs were very aggressive, and he was unable to go between the attackers and his own dog!

It was indeed a traumatic way to die, as the tiny puppy was literally ripped apart, according to Gary, who sadly had to witness such a tragic scene.

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Read the full details in Isaac Crowson’s report – https://www.mirror.co.uk.

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