Tiny Dog With Tongue Hanging out Is Obsessed With His Dad

The super cute video on next page has already over 323,075 views!! When this tiny Chihuahua named Mervin came to the shelter, he had been through a lot.

He would hide under the bed and bark every time someone tried to come closer. He has no teeth so his tongue hangs out.

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His Dad was a volunteer at the shelter and he decided to bring him home. Although he was brought in for fostering, his Dad soon realized that the tiny Chihuahua was special and one of the best things in his life.

Mervin gelled up really with other dogs in the house, but he’s particular about one special thing. He does not like sharing his Dad with anybody else. It’s as if he thinks his Dad is his own property. He may get generous at times and allow his other siblings to get a kiss but that’s it. He will soon come over demanding more.

After he came home, Mervin’s character thrived and his true personality came out beautifully. His Dad discovered that Mervin loves to eat yogurt any time! He loves hiding between the sheets and playing with other dogs is his favorite thing.

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