Cute Boxer Gets Scolded By Mom For Being A Real Bad Boy

boxer dog tiger-scolded

The funny and cool video on next page has already over 452,689 views!! Tiger is a war Boxer and you can tell it by his masculine built.

However, despite a fierce exterior, he has a really soft personality. In the video, you can see his parents scolding him for eating a loaf of bread.

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It is evident from his face that the dog is feeling guilty already and knows what is coming.

The sad look on his face tells the whole story. He knows he has been a bad boy and Dad and Mom are upset with him.

We totally love the way the Boxer comes slowly towards his parents like a guilty little bad boy.

He sits down slowly like a child ready to listen what Dad has to say. The expressions on his eyes are priceless.

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Dad is clearly upset because he is sending the dog to school to help him learn good behavior.

Watch the video “GUILTY BOXER: HE ATE A LOAF OF FRENCH BREAD” on next page ❤️🐾📺🔥➡️ ( Tap The Link Below )

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