📢 Are Thundershirts Really Effective???

The fireworks display every 4th of July may be a source of marvel and awe for most people, but it is actually a source of stress and anxiety for most dogs and cats.

-Phobia of loud noises like the sound of fireworks is very common in dogs and cats.
-Animal anxiety wraps have been invented to help calm an animal during stressful situations like these.
-Thundershirts is one of the leading garments on the market.

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During the celebrations and merriment, let us remember to think about the welfare of our furry family members. One solution to this sound phobia in animals is the anxiety shirt or thunder vest.

This is usually a vest with straps meant to apply pressure therapy on particular parts of the animal’s body. Or it could be a T-shirt made of spandex that’s designed to hug your pet.

A study published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, tracked anxiety levels of dogs reported by their owner after their pet wore anxiety wraps for a prolonged period of time. Though studies are still inconclusive, owners reported a benefit to their pet from its use.

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Find out more about anxiety wraps like the Thundershirt here: https://www.wired.com.

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