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Owning a dog is an amazing experience filled with joy and lots of incredible memories. However, the perks do come with certain responsibilities to ensure your dog is kept healthy at all times.



Since the AKC (American Kennel Club) is highly committed to ensuring all dogs are kept in good health and are well catered for; here are three great tips on how to be a more responsible dog owner.


  1. Take Some Time to recognize the Commitment

If you are thinking of getting a dog, you need to ask yourself the important questions; are you really ready for a dog? Do you have everything in place to ensure he will be well taken care of? Are you ready to dedicate the time, emotion and attention needed to watch over him?



  1. Reassess Your Lifestyle

A dog is a commitment. Before you get one you have to reassess your lifestyle and choose a breed that will fit into your activities the best.



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  1. Make a List


responsible dog ownership makes lists of activities & treatments they need to give to their dogs. It is important that you make a detailed list of the characteristics you want in a dog. Factors like train ability, size, grooming requirements, weight, size etc. should come into play when you are trying to choose a breed. make sure one of your list item to take care of is about pet insurance – this is something you probably want to have when your dog gets sick.


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