This Poor Puppy Was The Last One Standing


This may not be a video that will make you roll with laughter but it will make you think are we, the human being really superior creatures on earth. And, if God made us superior, is it not our duty to take care of the animals who are dependent on us. The video belongs to a person who works in a shelter and he found a box containing four beautiful puppies 30 meters away from the shelter.

Unfortunately, three of the puppies could not survive may be due to high-temperature shock. There was only one puppy alive, struggling with life. The puppy was immediately given water and taken to the vet to stabilize his condition. It’s shame for humanity to be so insensitive to little puppies, just a month old. Only a heartless person could have left the tiny creature out in the heat with no water. Let’s pledge to be more responsible for animals. Take care of the furry friends around you to make this world a better place.

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