👮SHOCKING How This Police Shot A Dog!😢

A Texas officer shot multiple dogs, after the dogs allegedly attacked the officer and cause her multiple injuries.

– In Burnet, Texas, three dogs were allegedly acting wild and attacked a man.
– A police officer was sent to respond to the site to help the man being attacked.
– Once the officer was there, she too was attacked by the dogs which left her no choice but to shoot the wild creatures.

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On a thursday morning, at 11:40, police officers in Burnet, Texas got a dispatch call of distress from a man who’s being attacked by two wild dogs. Police officer Alex Fidler arrived at the scene only to be attacked by the three dogs too.

The body camera of officer Fidler captured the entire ordeal and it was proven that she was indeed left with no choice but to shoot in order to save herself and the man.

Two of the three dogs were killed during the shooting, and office Fidler and the man needed serious medical attention after the incident.

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Read Mark D. Wilson’s full article here – https://www.policeone.com.

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