This Needy Siberian 🐶 Husky Is A True Attention Seeker


3,698,811 ( 3.6 Mio ) views has the cute Husky video on next page. What could be the reason? If you are looking to take a break and feel happy then here is a video that will lift your mood for sure.

In this video, you can see a beautiful and furry Husky sitting pretty with her Dad on the couch.

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While the guy is busy watching TV, the Husky desperately needs all his attention and demands for belly rubs.

Just look at her face, goddammit I cant handle the cuteness.

She gets belly rubs and hugs from her Dad, but she just won’t let him stop.

Every time he stops rubbing her belly and tries to relax, she will jump over and tell him to show some more love. Isn’t that really adorable?

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No matter how tiring it may feel to give countless rubs to your dog, the love they give you in return is absolutely priceless.

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