You Won’t BELIEVE This Dog’s Survival Story!

After days and days of search, finally this service dog is found!

– One service dog encountered a car crash in eastern Missouri.
– The service dog is only a six months old Golden Retriever and Black Labrador mixed breed..
– After encountering a car crash, the service dog went missing.

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A six months old Golden Retriever was unfortunately in a car crash one Sunday afternoon, and has been missing for days after the accident.

The Golden Retriever and Black Labrador mixed breed canine is named Percy, and she has been searched by the police department for days, and there has been no sightings of her anywhere near the crash site.

It was only on Wednesday that sightings were reported to the Gateway K9 volunteers. Percy was spotted by a resident in Hillsboro, and the K9 team was immediate to rescue her.

Upon initial check-up, Percy seemed in good shape and is still being observed for possible trauma.

Hero Video🐶😍 Abandoned Dog 🐶 Rescued In A Heroic Way (Video)

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