This Dog’s Awesome Hair Transformation Will Amaze You


This dog’s name is Benji and when he showed up at his owner’s home, he was a poor stray dog with almost no hair on his body.

Spice writes in the video comments:
“What a great transformation and Benji is so cute & adorable!!!😍”

When his owners called the vet, he said that the poor dog was suffering from a condition that was perhaps incurable. He said that he may not have hair on his body at all. The woman knew that she needed to do something about this cute little dog and she decided to adopt him.

She took good care of him and fed him good food. Benji was bathed once a week and then his owner would thoroughly massage coconut oil on his body. In just a few days, his skin got better and his fur began to grow. In about weeks, he had a lot of hair on his body. His owner did everything she could to keep him happy. She took him to the beach and let him roam around freely.

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Soon enough, he also made a lot of friends and his personality became so different than before. After a year, Benji was almost unrecognizable. He was a fluffy ball of fur with so much hair growing on his body that he needed a haircut. He is then taken to a groomer who cuts his hair to make him look cuter than ever before!

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