This Dog Has a Family But There Is a Problem! What It Is?


Ernie has a loving family but there is one problem.


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His human mom is too scared of his presence inside the house.

She fears that he will be aggressive and start pouncing around the house or attack the cat.

As a result, she always has a leash on him and makes him wear a muzzle. Thankfully, Julie decides to do something about her fears and asks two dog experts to help her.

When the dog experts arrive, they realize that the dog is not at all aggressive.


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In fact, all the nervousness emancipates from Julie and this makes the dog nervous too. As a result, Ernie keeps coming to her to make sure everything is okay.

It was clear that the problem was not with the dog but the owner. She lacked the confidence and really needed to step up her game.

For a month, Julie works hard with Ernie, following the instructions from the expert. It worked and Julie’s fears vanished soon.


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She was now confident and more in control of Ernie. She did not feel the urge to hold on to the leash to put a muzzle on him for security.


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