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A lot of studies have emerged proving that dog breeds may have been domesticated a lot earlier than we thought. A team of researchers came across some new evidence that could prove the fact that dogs have undergone domestication by humans since abut 32,000 years ago.

The study also hinted that indigenous Chinese dogs might just be the missing link in the known chain of domesticated dogs origin.


To understand this theory better, scientists went back and restudied the evolution of dogs from wolves and estimated that this occurred about 16,000 to 32,000 years back. They then took some DNA samples from the indigenous Chinese dogs, looked at the genes and realized that these dogs shared some traits with humans.


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This lead to the conclusion that dog domestication began as far back as 32,000 years ago. Lastly, these scientists also realized that in sharing some of the same genetic traits with humans, dogs are also prone to some diseases such as breast cancer, epilepsy, obesity and even OCD that humans deal with.

However, these evidence offered by these scientists are merely circumstantial and as such there will be need for more research before the time of dog domestication can be pushed back that far.


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