Is there A Dachshund Who Acts Like A Human?

Have you seen a dog, particularly a Dachshund who can’t stay away from people? Most probably, you have heard lots of news about how smart dogs are. However, is it possible for dogs to act like humans? Sounds crazy right? However, you should try meeting Oscar the dachshund. He can do many amazing things, which human-like us normally do.

According to the owner, Oscar can catch you in the bathroom, and check if you are okay. He leaves you when you ask for your privacy. He always goes to people for his look and fulfills his mission. He can sit on your lap and tuck the blanket. He also had a good memory. Indeed, Oscar is a kind of dog every owner will love to have!

“My husband was often home before me on workdays. Invariably, he and Oscar would be at the door to greet me. Scott would exclaim, “Oscar, Mommy’s home!” and Oscar could barely contain himself. It was my duty to kiss and hug him first. But I wouldn’t let Oscar kiss me. Something about watching him lick, um… “places” on his body made me less than eager for his doggy kisses. He knew I loved him anyway. Now, what I wouldn’t give for just one sloppy Oscar kiss…”

A columnist, Susan Anderson wrote this article that you can read at:


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