Having a dog doesn’t come without responsibilities. It’s like having a furry little child. And as you know children need to eat, bathe and play. However, it’s quite similar for dogs. As you would teach your child to use the restroom as they grow instead of doing it on themselves, that’s equally the same way you would house train your dog. Although, you can’t say ‘bad dog’ to your child, and children definitely require more care.


However, one responsibility you will have to carry out as a dog owner is cleanup. You live with your dog, play with it and sometimes even sleep with it, hence for your own health and the dog’s wellbeing, you’ll need to give him a bath, regularly. Now, if you’re new with dogs you may not know how to do it the right way then this piece is for you.



Now, we’re going to do this in easy steps.


Get him to like the bath

As you’re probably aware, dogs do not like taking baths. It’s like there’s something in the water that freaks them out, which is weird because a good number of dogs can swim. However, before actually giving your dog a bath (this is for the first bath) you’ll have to introduce him to it and let him get to like the bath. You can lure him to the empty bath with treats or toys and once he gets comfortable jumping around in it, add some warm water. They may freak the first time but subsequently they’ll get used to it.


Protect his ears

This is something you should be mindful of when giving your dog a bath. If water gets into your dog’s ears it can lead to health problems and it’s generally uncomfortable for him. So before you start bathing your dog, try covering up his ears either with a waterproof bag or cotton balls.


Use good shampoo

As you know your dog is all fur, which is hair to humans. To prevent your dog from smelling of sweat and dust, do use a shampoo, and not any shampoo, one recommended by your vet. This is because some shampoos could cause itchy or dry skin for your dog and you don’t want them scratching all the time. However if this far off, do use a mild soap to wash your dog’s fur.


Start from the neck

When rubbing the loofah, sponge or even your hands around your dog, do work your way down from the neck. Wash in circles and occasional vertical and horizontal sweeps. For your dog’s face, use a wet cloth to remove dirt.



This is easy. Your dog may probably shake off most of the water but you still need to use a dry towel to dry him completely. This will prevent him from slipping as he makes his way back to his area.


Repeat often

Your dog should be bathed at least 3 times a week. Most owners do it daily and that’s preferable, however if you don’t have the time, three times is okay.

Bathing your dog is really easy and will make you more comfortable to snuggle with your clean, fresh-out-the-shower dog.

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