Dog Rescued – The Journey Of A Dying Puppy – Heart Breaking

sick dog

Sometimes when we see acts of kindness by humans, it makes us realize God works his way through us.


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This poor tiny puppy was breathing his last when someone took noticed and informed the rescuers.


When the rescue team arrived, the puppy was so fragile that they had a thin hope about his survival.


However, they didn’t want to lose hope so they decided to give the puppy a fair second chance to live.


When they brought the puppy to the shelter, the poor thing was too weak to be fed or receive medicines.


The veterinary care tried hard to normalize the blood pressure and feed liquid food. The rescuers had no clue if the fragile little puppy could survive through the night.


But, guess what? The next morning a little surprise awaited them as the puppy was running about cheerfully and greeting everybody!


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