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There has been a lot of talk about how a dog can be a man’s best friend due to the bond created when they become friends. The reason this is beautiful is that it has been proven that a dog somehow shares the DNA of a wolf. So it has probably taken years of love and constant domestication to turn wildlife into a man’s best friend. This love would have been shown in diverse ways including with the food they were fed. You know it would take a lot for something considered carnivorous to get accustomed to mere cereals or other foods except there were such constituents of the Wild embedded in the food. This is where Taste of the Wild comes in.

Taste of the Wild is considered as dog food that meets all the necessary nutrients a dog needs and also replaces those wild cravings that it might have. The following are its features.

This product is made of a lot of meats like salmon and turkey, roasted bison, buffalo, lamb, quail, venison and duck. It has no grain in it and it is greatly satisfying as it provides a lot of energy for your pet. It is laced with carbs like sweet potatoes and legumes. These are proteins that digest quickly and will keep your dog feeling full and strengthened throughout the day.


This product is ideal for the digestive tract seeing that a greater percentage of the dog’s immune system is located in the gut. It consists of some probiotics and bacteria that are found there. The k9 probiotics are mostly added after cooking the product and this guarantees an immune system strong enough to fight off diseases and also fully support the whole body.


There are a lot of nutrients contained in Taste of the Wild and they are all to improve the health of your canine. These nutrients attach themselves to proteins to enable the dog’s body to fully absorb them alongside the proteins. This is so your dog is not cheated out of all his nutrients.


Well, your dog definitely needs a lot of Omegas to stay strong and healthy. Taste of the Wild has it covered. With ingredients like salmon oil or ocean fish meal or the combination of both, omega 3 is covered. The plant-based ingredients also provide the omega 6 that balances out the omega 3. So your pet is in good hands.


This product is manufactured by a family owned pet food company with its headquarters in Missouri. They make both cat and Dog foods with a range of ingredients and in the best facilities possible. The recipes for these foods are a combination of real meat to plants and fruits just to give your pet all-round nutrition. It is grain free and also egg free. So it is suitable for dogs who are sensitive to eggs.
Taste of the Wild is indeed the answer to your dog’s needs considering all the ingredients that go into its making. So don’t you think it’s time to give that dog what it craves?


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