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Having a dog is a full time job. You’ll need to care about it just like you would care for anyone that means something to you. With the changes in weather, you’ll need to keep your furry friend equipped with the clothing to weather the storm, hence a dog sweater. Dog sweaters are really cute and they make our dogs look hysterical, but most importantly, they keep them warm, and that’s what’s matters. You may say that dogs have fur, hence there’s no need for a sweater, but there’s only so much that fur can do, especially on cold nights. Give your dog the warmth they need, get a dog sweater today. Now that we’ve gotten you considering dog sweaters, it’s only right we follow up with intel about the best ones in the market, for your dog’s best interest. Here are the best dog sweaters.


Now, before we begin there are a few things you’ll need to know about dog sweaters. The best ones are made of wool. This is because wool naturally warms the skin as opposed to other types of fabrics and textures. Hence, your dog sweater has to be made of a wooly material. Next is the size of your dog. Dogs come in various sizes and each breed has a synonymous size. Hence, to find the best fitting dog sweaters, you’ll need to come to terms with the size of your dog. Now that’s over with, let’s move on to the best ones for your dog.



Yes, dogs can rock turtlenecks too, and they look mighty good in them as well. Now, if you’re not sure what these look like, the pictures above showcase them in two distinct colors. These sweaters are made of wool and they keep your dog warm all the way up to their necks.


Your dog can rock a hoodie and drape it over his head on cold nights. This may not always be made of wool but they are equally very comfortable and efficient for those cold times. They come without sleeves to ensure a non-restrictive movement. Get this for your dog.



Your dog should be allowed a fashion sense don’t you think? These plaid sweaters will give your furry pet an edgy yet very comfortable look. It also comes with the hood so that they have the option of covering it over their heads. Your dog will love this, pair this with matching sunglasses for the full effect.



Your dog needs to be warm at all times, luckily these sweaters will guarantee just that, and also make them look stylish while they’re out and about. Remember, your dog has feelings too, some more cold than others.


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