Top 5 Most Energetic Dog Breeds

When it comes to energetic dog breeds, many people think of pit bulls, bloodhounds, great Danes, and more. We can rely on stories of people telling us about how energetic their dogs are, and proudly narrate some of their amazing feats.


However, there is a scientific way around knowing which dog breeds really are the most energetic. Business Insider, for example, has asked Whistle, a tracking dog collar company, to scientifically identify which breeds are truly the most active at least in the United States.


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Whistle provides smart solutions to knowing where your pet is through GPS tracking collars. Not only that, they give you data on activity levels at home or outdoors.


Through data of more than 150,000 Americans using their product, Whistle can identify which dog breeds are the most energetic throughout the day, and the results may surprise you. The dogs are ranked based on the average number of minutes these dogs are active on a daily basis.


Now, there are certain limitations to this study that must be discussed. First, dogs lighter than 10 pounds were not included. Second, indoor activity isn’t recorded in the Whistle GPS collar.


The Top 5 most energetic breed is active an average of 90.32 minutes daily… Learn More On Next Page ❤️🐾📺🔥➡️

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