Watch A Terrified Pittie’s Wonderful Transformation


Pit Bulls have got a bad name for their aggressive behavior, but do you know what causes that behavior? Humans! When people hurt them or are mean to stray dogs, they tend to become aggressive. They do this to build a wall of protection around them. Show them, love, be kind, and see how good a pit bull can be. They are one of the best dog breeds for the family. After watching the video below, you will agree with this.

In the video, you can see a stray pit bull behave in a rather fierce way because she is extremely terrified. She does not trust humans because probably she has been hurt by people several times before. She does not know how to trust them and believes that they have come with bad intentions. It’s so hard to console her that the rescuers have to be very careful. You can clearly see the poor dog shivering with fright and her poignant eyes tell the entire story of how frightened she is.

With a lot of care and caution, the rescuers finally manage to put the lucky leash around her. They pet the Pittie which is probably the first time she is being loved, so she does not know how to respond. Once she is in the shelter, she learns to accept love. She realizes that she is finally safe and begins to enjoy her life. It’s a pleasure to see her jumping around the room, playing with her first toy and getting attention from people around her.

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