😢 HELP!!! Someone Stole This Terminally-Ill Girl’s PUPPY!

It’s such a sad new to hear puppies that get stolen… A more sad news is when the puppy is stolen from a sick girl.

– A 5-year-old girl in Burlington was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.
– Zakaia Gray was told by her doctors that she has only about six months to live.
– Zakaia’s puppy was an 11-week-old American Bully puppy named Annabella May.

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North Carolina Police Department was on a search and rescue mission, to look for a puppy that belonged to a brain cancer patient. The missing puppy, Annabella May, was last seen inside the house of the family who owned her.

It was during Zakaia’s, Annabella May’s owner, birthday when the puppy was reportedly gone. The whole family went out to have a small celebration for Zakaia, only to be saddened by the missing dog when they returned home after a couple of hours, that Saturday night.

The break-in was very unusual, since no other material things went missing, just the dog. Although it was the only one taken by the thieves, it seemed to be the most precious one for the terminally-ill 5-year-old cancer patient.

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Read Madeline Farber’s full report here – http://www.wdrb.com.

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