🐶 Terminally Ill Dog Got Her Last Wishes Fulfilled

A dog who has given birth to almost 200 puppies, is now terminally-ill and is completing her very own bucket list!

– Victoria is a dog that lived her life as a “breeding machine”.
– She had almost 200 puppies, in total, in her lifetime.
– Now, she is suffering from a degenerative myelopathy, and it has no cure.

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When you see Victoria, you will certainly think that she is an adorable canine. In fact, she is the mother of almost 200 puppies, as she is used by dog breeders for nothing more than mating.

Now that Victoria is old and just turned 11 years, she is no longer able to breed. She developed a degenerative disease called myelopathy. This disease apparently has no cure, and Victoria is living the last few months of her life now.

A kind-hearted couple decided to rescue Victoria from the hands of her breeder and decided to make a bucket list for her and make all the fun things on the list to happen before she bids farewell for good.

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