Dogs are amazing creatures, no doubt but being a dog owner for the first time doesn’t come with few hitches here and there. You probably aren’t used to keeping and caring for these furry animals yet and that’s okay.

No one really gets everything right the first time, and that’s why we’re sharing 10 tips which could make your experience as a dog owner much better. These tips are:



Learn all about them

Conduct your own research about the breed of dog you’re bringing home. This is to eliminate any surprise associated with its breed. It’s best to be well prepped and ready to go.


Get a vet

Your dog will definitely fall sick sooner or later and you need to have a veterinary doctor before that happens. Also, try taking your dog in for checks every now and then, just to see if they’re doing great.


Get supplies, lots of it

Dogs eat, they crap and they need baths. Owning a dog is a full time job hence you’ll need to be well equipped. Get all forms of supplies from food, to toys, clothes (if you wish), a potty, or basically anything you feel your dog would use or enjoy. This will help you every day.

Train him early

Once you bring that bundle of fuzzy adorableness into your home, you’ll need to set some ground rules right away. Dogs need to know that you’re in charge and they live by your rules, hence you’ll need to start teaching him commands and also tricks.



Brace yourself for tantrums

As cute as this puppy looks, he’s definitely not perfect. Being a dog owner you’ll need to prepare yourself for any behavioral anomalies they may have. This goes from aggression to separation anxiety or even howling.


Get him on a good diet

You’ll need to keep your dog on a diet plan and switch it up from time to time. This is so that he/she won’t get accustomed to one type of meal and neglect the others.


Groom him/her

You don’t want your dog looking like a stray cat do you? No you don’t, hence you’ll need to bathe him, trim toe nails, comb his/her hair, and make sure he/she looks prim and proper. Remember, your dog’s appearance is a reflection of yours.




Have fun

Dogs are amazing companions and you shouldn’t be too strict or out of touch with yours. Have fun with your dog, play dress up if you want to, take walks together, you know, do something with your dog. Something nice and fun.


Barricade required areas

You may not want your dog in your closet as they could damage your shoes, hence try putting up a little dog fence around these areas to prevent them from getting in.


Be responsible

Being a dog owner requires time, effort, commitment and love. You can’t have it any other way. You need to be responsible because dogs matter too.

With these easy tips, you’re definitely going to transition naturally into a dog owner.


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