Dogs are fuzzy little creatures. They’re cute and cuddly and know how to behave, well some of them. We can pretty much do anything we want to with them. A walk at the park, take them cycling, they can even be your wing man when trying to impress a girl. But one thing that makes having dogs more fun is playing dress up. Watching them move while wearing those costumes is hilarious. There’s nothing like seeing in a funny dog outfit, you’re absolutely going to love it, and we’re going to prove it. Let’s brighten up your day by with these ridiculous dog outfits. Brace yourself for laughs.


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Police Officer

Look at him, standing there, commanding dog traffic. It’s so hilarious. It’s like he’s saying “hey you, stop there” in the most iconic way ever.




Have you seen your ‘dog-tor’ today? Why not pay him a visit, he doesn’t bite. This little teddy bear looking doctor just wants you to feel all better. Why not let him write you a prescription.


Rock n roll

You can tell this little funny puppy rock star is playing ‘banjo on my knee’ and he’s so in character. We love a dedicated guitarist, don’t you?




Look who just got his first degree, Mr. fuzzy ears. You know what we love more than dogs? Educated dogs. This sweetheart is ready for the labor market. Watch out world!


Hot dogs

This is one sexy dog. You can tell she’s ready to get freaky. Watch out mutts, there’s a new lady in town, and she’s a bitch.


Christmas spirit

Santa called, he said he wants his elf back. You can tell this elf is definitely on the naughty list. Look at that frown. Either that or he’s tired of wrapping presents for the whole world, we’re leaning towards the second.


Pope paws

Is anyone ready to confess? We sure are. This costume is so spot on, he really looks like a dog pope. Hey father, we’re waiting in the confession box, come and lick our sins away.


Doggie delivery

Did someone order a little dog? Well, he’s here and he’s the delivery guy. Make sure you give him a good tip, a bone should do.


King of the animals

Who said a dog couldn’t rule the animals? He could, in a lion costume. This little dog is so ambitious and we love it.



Yee-haw. Steer clear from this cowboy, he’s armed and very dangerous. He could lick you to death.



We’re guessing after going through all that, there’s a huge smile on your face. These dog clothes are really funny but also cute. Watch how each dog fits into character, it’s hilarious.

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