Dogs are sensitive creatures; some say they are more sensitive than humans. It’s not like they’re called man’s best friend ordinarily, they earned it. However, there are certain facts about your favorite four legged creature that you may not have known before and once you do, we have a feeling you’ll love them even more. Here are ten of the coolest dog facts we’ve come across.


Dogs also have separation anxiety


If you have a dog, you can’t say you don’t see how their eyes bulge when you’re about to leave. They are really sensitive to the affection of humans and get sad when their owner is about to leave. Once you’re back, there will be lots of hugs and kisses from them because, boy did they miss you.


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They have 18 muscles per ear


Ever examined your dog’s ears. It’s firm and always seems to be connecting to another frequency. Well, one of these reasons is because they possess an average of 18 muscles in each ear. This also constitutes to their ability to hear four times more than we can.


Dogs sweat too


You may think their beautiful fur prevents them from sweating but no, just check under their paws, you’ll likely see some little drops of sweat especially on hot days. Their sweat smells like corn chips and their sweat glands are on their feet.


Some dogs are diabetes sensitive


This is pretty cool. A good number of dogs pick up little bits of information in the scent of humans once there is a drop in their insulin levels. This is because once insulin is low, the body produces a ‘special’ scent which dogs can detect.


They can see colors


Apart from black and white, dogs can also see traces of blue and yellow. They are known to see in these colors, and not just ‘see’ these colors.


Six toes

A particular dog known as the Norwegian Lundehund, a pretty little fella, is the only dog which possesses six toes on each foot. Its paw mark has six independent toe marks.


Petting a dog is good for your blood pressure


There’s something therapeutic about petting a dog. Just running your hands through their silky fur is enough to lower one’s blood pressure. Pet a dog today.


A dog has the same intelligence as a 2 year old


Ever wondered why your toddler bonds really well with your dog? Well it’s because they speak and understand one language, sort of.


They detect feelings


It’s more likely for your dog to know you’re sad than for your actual friend to. They are extremely sensitive to sadness, fear, aggression and anger.


They know when there is a bun in the oven


Yep. Your dog knows when you’re pregnant and they will surely be around you more during those trimesters.


These facts just prove the awesomeness of dogs. Don’t have a dog yet? What are you waiting for.


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