😍 Should Not Teach My Dog To Sit?

Typically, dog owners teach their dogs to do the obedience task, but experts want to change this mindset.

– There are many tricks that dog owners would eagerly teach their canines.
– Most of these tricks are superficial and completely useless, according to an expert.
– Carolyn Menteith urges dog owners to train their dogs beyond the obedience tricks.

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Sit. Stay. Fetch.

These are the first few commands that dog owners tend to teach their pets, and it is completely normal. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these tricks, of course. However, dog behavior expert Carolyn Menteith urges dog owners to go beyond these obedience tricks.

So what should dog owners be teaching their dogs then?

According to Menteith, important life skills should be prioritized over simple obedience trick. How to behave in public and how to do simple household chores are some of the suggested tricks that must be learned by canines if Menteith were to be asked.

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