Is It Normal That I Talk To My Dog??? 👶

Is It Normal That I Talk To My Dog???

We are all guilty of it, we tend to “baby talk”, in fact, we babytalk them more than we “babytalk” an actual human baby.

– Studies reveal that there is a huge benefit when talking to your pets.
– You can do it at home or you can do it in public, it doesn’t matter as long as you practice it.
– There is a huge impact for our pets whenever we do these baby talks with them.

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Whenever we say something to our pets, you may notice how their head tilts or how their tails and how their ears fall to one side as if they were giving us all their attention.

Well, the good news is you’re not just imagining this! Scientific research has proven that dogs who are talked to by their owners actually develop excellent condition compared to those who are not exposed to the human language.

Scientist likens this phenomenon to a child who is growing and who is being communicated well by adults. When a dog is talked to, the tendency is that they become more and more exposed to the language and they somewhat pick up the meaning of our words.

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