This Dog’s Ability To Smell May Have Just Saved You!

A drug-sniffing dog help in the capturing of pot-smuggling guard.

– A law-enforcer was caught red-handed trying to smuggle marijuana inside a prison center.
– The drug-sniff dog was able to successfully catch the scent of the drug.
– The jailer was caught and tried to deny such allegations.

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On April 6, 2018, correctional facility officer Patrick Gaillard, was caught by a drug-sniffing dog when he tried to smuggle two ounces of marijuana inside the prison center.

Gaillard worked at the Brooklyn House of Detention, located along Atlantic Avenue. When he was on his way in for work, the drug-sniffing dog was alarmed and it set off to indicate that Gaillard had something suspicious in his possession.

Upon inspection, Gaillard was indeed found to carry the drug, and when interrogated, he denied ownership and said he found it on the streets and was on his way to surrender it at the correction center.

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