Talented, Agile Dog Can Do What You Can Do but Much Better


WOW!!! The video below has already 2,801,769 views ( 2.8 Mio ) views!! It’s not a big surprise when someone tells you about a super smart dog that can sit, play dead and get you a can of beer at the drop of a hat.

Most really well-trained dogs are like that, right? But when you see this super duper talented pooch, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

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This one can do unbelievably agile things that not even a lot of humans can do.

 Omar Von Muller, animal trainer to Hollywood stars, has shown us some amazing Youtube videos of his talented canines.

This video, taken by Beyond Slow Motion, is of Jumpy the Parkour Dog showing off his stunning skills alongside Pro Parkour Athlete, Alex Duong.

It’s incredible what Jumpy can do! Seems like he’s floating on air as he does EVERY SINGLE trick that Alex does. You should watch the video to see how insanely talented this dog is.

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