🐕Am I Taking My Dog Out For A Walk At THE RIGHT TIME?😮

Should You Take Your Dog Out For A Walk This Summer?

What are the best ways to take good care of your pets in this extremely hot weather?

-Taking your pet out for a walk may not always be a good idea when it’s too hot outside.
-Precautions must be taken to ensure your pets do not get injured.
-There are alternatives to still get your dog to exercise without risking their health and safety.

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Taking your dog out for a walk can be a great form of exercise. But when the heat is this unforgiving, it’s important to keep in mind that dogs can also suffer from heatstroke or get their paws burned by the scorching pavement.

Experts advice dog owners to walk them when it’s a bit cooler, such as early morning or at night. If you have to take them out, make sure to just walk with them instead of running, jogging, or cycling.

Swimming can provide a good form of exercise for your dog without risking heatstroke. Blue Cross warns dog owners, however, not to force their dogs to swim or throw them into the water.

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