Dog Abandoned Turns Violent!

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This is a sweet and adorable dog that turned violent and fierce after dog abandoned by two families.😥😥


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Eunice writes in the video comments:
They need compassion and love 😘🙏💔🐕💕💞👍👍👍👍👍👏👏🙌🙏👼🙋😇😓


Apparently, he bit his owners because of which they decided to leave him back in the shelter.


He is so hurt by this double abandonment that he becomes very aggressive in his behavior.


The dog’s name is Mongee and his father Damee also lives in the same shelter.


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Mongee’s latest owner decided to help his dog find a way to love and trust human beings. He takes the help of a professional dog trainer.


When Mongee is taken away for training, Damee comes to bid him goodbye, which is so heart touching. Clearly, Mongee’s father is worried about his son’s behavior.


In the training area, the trainer wants to make Mongee feel that good things are going to happen to him. He is given treats to make him happy.


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The trainer also calls the owner and encourages him to hand out treats to the dog.


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