Surprising Your Hubby With A Puppy – Is It A Nice Idea?

Are you thinking of what kind of gift to give for your special someone?

Kreatee writes in the video comments:
I swear he looks like the guy who plays in The Lord of the rings the hobbit

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How about giving him a puppy, will that be a good idea? Can you imagine your partner’s reaction while opening a box where you’ve placed the puppy?

Can you already picture out how happy or surprised he is? Just make sure that the puppy is safe inside the box.

Watch the video below about how happy the hubby was when he opened his gift from his wife and found out that it was a pit bull pup.

He said, he was asking for it from his wife a while ago.

But he never thought his wife would give it to him since his wife was no longer interested in adding a new dog at home.
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