📢 Summer Heat Causes Death Of ANOTHER Dog!!!

If you think Summer is all fun and games, then you may just change your mind when you read this news.

– A dog in Ohio dies due to extreme summer heat.
– The dog’s owner allegedly left the poor dog outside the house with no water or shelter from the scorching summer sun.
– The Municipal Court of Niles is now pressing charges against the dog owner.

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Pet abuse comes in many forms. It can be the most common and obvious form of abuse, which is the active form where harm is directly given to the animal. It can be passive, by merely neglecting an animal’s basic need, which will eventually lead to the harm of the animal.

In Ohio, a dog was left outside the house, under the strong summer heat, with no food or shade. The result? DEATH!

When the local community found out about it, it was the Municipality Court that took action and pressed charges against the neglectful pet owner.

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Read Cliff Pinckard’s full article here – https://www.cleveland.com.

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