Microorganisms Found In These Water! Keep Your Dog AWAY!

The sea has always been a good and warm place for our dogs to jump into. There’s a huge warning for all though and you have to make sure you follow these precautions!

– The New York Sea Grant, Pennsylvania & Lake Champlain Sea Grant, and New York State Parks have serious reminders to all pet owners.
– The agencies are reminding residents about the dangers of algal blooms.
– These microorganisms are a serious threat to both animals and humans.

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One of the latest methods to teach residents about the dangers of algal blooms this swimming season is through the brochures that government agencies have initiated to create for the public to become aware of the dangers that lurk in the water.

The term is algal blooms and there are what they call HABs or the Harmful Algal Blooms, which are actually the cyanobacteria (a.k.a the blue-green algae). These are harmful to both humans and animals.

With the swimming season coming, it is best to do good hygiene practice all the time.

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