Watch How Starving Little Pit Bull Grows Into An Adorable Dog

This tiny Pit Bull just climbed into a family’s backyard one day and they were surprised because the puppy resembled a pumpkin. They decided to find her a forever home and soon found a loving family who was happy to take pumpkin in. For the first few days, the tiny puppy ate like she had been starving for days. When the couple took her to the vet, he told them she would not have survived another day or two.

Pumpkin also got along really well with Laila, the family’s another dog. With her big sister, she learned quickly about new things in the world. Laila was patient with the little new member of the family and helped her come out of the shell. The vet said Laila also benefited from the company as she felt much younger than before.  Pumpkin has now grown into a healthy puppy although she is still too small to be a Pit Bull.

However, it’s her miniature size that makes her so special. Although small, Pumpkin does not lack determination and courage. Her climbing the backyard changed her life forever and just goes to show what a determined puppy she is!

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