Turn Your Walks into Social Gatherings

Starting a dog walking club is a great way to make turn your daily walk into a social event for both your furry friend and yourself. Making it a group event can also help ensure you don’t skip days, and that both you and your dog get out and get the exercise you need. If you can make new friends in the meantime, and help socialize your dog, then that is just an added bonus!

For many people, getting up to walk their dog is a chore, that can get boring and tedious at time. Starting a club can add a sense of new, and can give your dog and yourself the social element that will have you out the door regularly, and give your dog the playtime and exercise that is essential to their health. Starting a dog walking club isn’t hard to do, and will probably grow much faster than you can imagine.

The first step is to print up some fliers, or even make a group page on Facebook for people who are interested in the club and live in the area. For best results focus on your immediate neighborhood, posting signs in the local coffee shop and on local boards. Provide a social page to follow and a phone number to organize outings. Depending on your dog, it might be a good idea to specify the type of dog personalities that will be welcome to avoid dangerous or aggressive dogs.

Don’t worry about waiting to have a large group, but once you have 3 or 4 members you can begin to organize outings and take your dogs out for walks during the week, and even for extended hikes on the weekends. This a wonderful activity to do with a group as you have the safety of numbers, and your dogs will have a blast meeting new playmates and exploring together.

Don’t be surprised if you start losing weight and get in shape as well, as you are more motivated to get out of the house and moving. Starting a dog walking club is a great way to turn your daily walks, and weekend excursions with your dog into a social gathering for both you and your pet. Post signs around the neighborhood on local pages and boards to find dog owners in your area who are interested in joining your club. You will be surprised as your dog walks turn into something you look forward too, rather than a chore.

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