Is Stainless Steel Is The Best Option For My Dogs Bowls?

Stainless Steel As The Best Option For My Dogs' Food And Water Bowls?

Will using plastic or ceramic bowls harm your pet’s health?

-Most pet owners usually wash and clean their dogs’ food bowls but not their water bowls
-Many of the commonly used materials and cleaning methods can cause diseases.
-Several studies have been conducted comparing different materials used in dog bowls

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A study carried out by NSF International showed that a dog’s water bowl is the fourth dirtiest and most germ-laden areas in most homes. People often think because it just contains water and not food that it’s perfectly okay to just rinse it out with a bit of water, refill it and then use it again.

But the study showed that that is an unhealthy habit. Another one is using plastic dog bowls which contain chemicals that can sometimes cause discoloration, or worse, cancer and brain/neurological damage.

Using ceramic bowls for dogs are also not a good idea because they are breakable and may contain lead or other toxic chemicals. Stainless steel seems to be the best option, however, it’s also as important to change cleaning habits for these food and water bowls to keep pets safe.


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