Did This Woman Die Protecting Her Dog From An Alligator?

⛔ Did This South Carolina Woman Die Protecting Her Dog From An Alligator?

Did this pet owner just give the ultimate sacrifice to keep her beloved dog safe?

-45-year-old Cassandra Cline from Hilton Head Island was attacked and dragged into the lagoon by an alligator while she was walking her pet dog.
-Initially the alligator was after the dog, but Cline tried to protect him from harm and the reptile attacked her instead.
-An investigation and search was launched to find the alligator.

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Cline was at the Sea Pines Resort, a private resort in South Carolina, when this is terrible incident happened. Witnesses saw her being pulled by an 8 foot alligator into the waters of the residential area’s lagoon.

The dog was left unharmed, but people are concerned about such an incidence. This was the first time this has happened in their community which was no stranger to alligators showing up in their pools or yards.

Residents say the management of Sea Pines has been good at taking care of these situations and this is considered to be an isolated incident. The alligator was eventually found and euthanized.

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