Want To Hear A 🎵 Song About 🐶 Dogs? Here’s A List!

Millions and millions of songs out in the market, and thank God there are hits that actually talk about something relevant: DOGS!

– There are many songs that have been released, both by famous and not-so-famous artists, that talk about dogs!
– Dogs are beautiful song subjects, because they are, after all, our best friend.
– It’s always a happy song when dogs are involved.

Puppy Story ➡️ Puppy 🐕 Attacked By Huge Dog – How Did It End ❓

From one hit to another, I think we’ve all heard of these wonderful songs in the billboards or radio stations. When dogs are in the topic, we can’t help but feel for the song.

Maybe that’s why it makes such as good hit?

If you want to add these songs to your playlist, here’s a line-up of popular songs that talks about dogs:
1. Elvis Presley – “Hound Dog
2. Baha Men – “Who Let The Dogs Out”
3. The Beatles – “Martha My Dear”
4. Neil Young – “Old King”
5. Pink Floyd – “Seamus The Dog”
6. Cat Stevens – “I Love My Dog”
7. The Monkees – “Gonna Buy Me a Dog”
8. Sublime – “I Love My Dog”
9. Dolly Parton – “Cracker Jack”
10. Carrie Underwood – “The More Boys I Meet”

Good To Know 🔥➡️ DOG Attacks Woman, Injuries Caused Death!!! 😢

Watch the videos of each song here in Kat Bein’s compilation – https://www.billboard.com.

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