Soldier Saves Puppy In War Zone She Saves His Life In Return

This soldier found a tiny little puppy in the war zone in Syria. He found her stuck under a concrete pillar that had fallen and the cries were almost like a human. The entire army team welcomed her wholeheartedly and everyone did everything they could to keep her safe. The soldier took care of the puppy and she became his reason to live and love life despite the war background.

When the soldier came home for two weeks in between, he was sorry to leave the puppy behind. He realized that he had not saved the puppy but the puppy had saved him. It was because of the puppy that he could relate to life and fight away war trauma. Even in hatred and war, he found a reason to smile. The puppy named Barrie was actually hoping for everyone in the crew.

The soldier developed such a strong bond with the puppy that he wanted to bring her home with him. However, it was not going to be easy. The puppy had to spend 3 months in quarantine to ensure that she had no diseases and was fit enough to travel. When finally Barrie came home, she had grown in a dog. Her dog wondered if she still remembered him. Guess what?

She smelled the soldier’s legs and instantly knew it was him. Such an emotional moment to finally see them together at last!

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