Have You Met This Social-Media-Star Dog?

Have You Met This Social-Media-Star Dog?

A darling dog is taking over the social media, and he is earning more than a regular employee.

– Every dog is adorable, but there’s this one dog on the internet that’s way beyond the cuteness scale.
– The dog’s breed is a Shiba Inu.
– His social media name is “Menswear Dog”.

If you are a dog lover, you most likely agree that every dog is special. However, there is this golden-haired stud that’s taking over the internet, specifically the social media platforms, because of his charm.

The now-popular dos are very stylish too!

The Shiba Inu breed was first seen in Instagram wearing popular brands of men’s clothing wear, like Jimmy Choo, Stuart Stuart Weitzman, and the Brooks Brothers. He’s currently earning more than a regular worker does, and that is simply by staying still and posing for the camera.

The dog celebrity’s name is Bodhi and his social media followers keep growing and are reaching almost half a million people.

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