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Is dog electrocution common? Find out if your dog is in grave danger, and if so, how you can prevent this tragedy from happening to your own pet.

– Jonzie, a German Shepherd, was sadly electrocuted last July 13.
– His owner, Ladd Smith, said that the incident happened in a pool of water.
– Find out how the dog got into the tragedy and how you can prevent the same thing from happening to your dog.

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Normally, dogs love to swim. That’s a given fact. When these furry creatures see any body of water, they tend to want to go for a dip. Maybe this is because of their fur that makes their body feel warmer than most of us?

In Southern Utah, at the Washington City Park, a dog named Jonzie encountered an unpleasant death when it decided to jump into a swimming pool. Upon investigation, it was found out that the water had electricity running through it.

The entire incident happened after the rain and thunderstorms when the fish and suck pond was overflowing. As per report, the entire park was flooding.

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