📢 How Can One Skin Disease Be THIS DEADLY To Dogs???

There’s a deadly disease that’s making its rounds and taking away dogs all worldwide.

– Alabama Rot was thought to be a winter disease that affects dogs.
– It originated in the United Kingdom way back 2012, in the ice-cold grounds in the woods.
– Now, experts are having second-thoughts about the nature of the disease.

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The threat of the deadly dog disease, Alabama Rot, is now taking high toll all over the country. As pet owners are scared for the safety and health of their family pet dogs because this disease has been taking the lives of many dogs now.

The disease started way back 2012 in the United Kingdom, in the cold and icy grounds of the woods. It has always been believed that the disease only spreads during the winter season.

However, more and more dogs are getting affected with the said disease even when it’s not winter, and it is believed that it’s now a year-round threat to pet dogs everywhere.

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