Dog Training In The Park – Trees Have Been Mauled By Dogs

Is this even legal? – Dogs damaging park trees, all for the sake of attack training?

– A lot of park goers are getting worried about what they are seeing in parks lately.
– There have been reports of not just one, but several dogs, who seem to act very aggressively.
– The dogs looked like they were being trained to behave viciously toward the trees in the park.

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A lot of trees were already seen to be damaged beyond repair, and this is a very disturbing news for many parkgoers, who want to preserve the environment.

According to those who saw the separate incidents, dogs were being brought to the park by their owners, and they were intentionally allowed to attack the helpless trees in the premise, to the point that these poor trees would die due to the damages acquired.

The dogs are called “weapon dogs”, and the witnesses say that the dogs really looked scary while they were in all-out furry attacking the park trees.

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