Shy Dog In A High Kill Shelter Now Leads A Free Life!

When this rescue dog was brought in to the high kill local shelter with her two-week-old puppy, she was too shy to move. She stayed inside her crate and refused to interact with humans for the first few days.

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Her time was running out and her rescuers were scared that she might not be able to make it. She was named Saffron and her puppy was named Panda. Panda mad friends quickly and after a few weeks, he was ready for adoption. Saffron was sad after Panda left for his forever home, so the rescuers thought of keeping her busy. She accompanied her foster Dad on mountain hikes, trekking and lots of outdoor adventure.

She soon bonded with another rescue dog. As time fly by, Saffron learned to trust human beings again. The free natural surroundings had a magical effect on Saffron and she started to open up. She was a happy soul and loved to explore new things around her. She also learned one of the biggest lessons in life – to play with her Dad and be a dog. Saffron is now enjoying a happy life and is back to what she was always meant to be. We hope she finds a loving family soon!

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