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Just like human parenting, dog parents get nervous too. They don’t have all the answers and hence they turn to blogs and the internet for them. Now, there are a lot of things to consider as a dog parent, which will streamline the temperament and general personality of your dog. One of these factors is where they are going to sleep. Are you an inside or an outside dog parent? Where your dog sleeps matters. It is the last thing they see before they sleep and it’s also the first thing when they are up. Hence, to answer this question, we’ll need to ask you one.


What kind of dog do you want?

Do you want a sweet, cute and cuddly dog that is nice to everyone or do you want a guard dog, one that is fierce and feared by all who enter your home. The place your dog sleeps overtime starts affecting its personality and temperament. You may not have thought it mattered this much but boy, it does. If you want a very adorable dog, one that is neither hostile nor scary, then you should never allow your dog sleep outside your home, at least not consistently. Dogs that sleep outside, either in dog houses or just away from the main house tend to develop hostile traits over time. This is because they have been neglected of the link of sleeping under the same roof and the warmth of the love embedded inside the house.


sleepy dog


It’s really not rocket science, allowing your dog to sleep outside will make them lose interest and gain aggression. Dogs are more sensitive than we let on. They react to these little things that we may think are really insignificant. Hence, if you want a guard dog or one that alerts you in time of probable danger, then do leave your dog outside to sleep. But if you want a dog which is sweet and gets really excited to see you when you’re back, then let him sleep inside your home. Inside the home doesn’t necessarily mean with you on the same bed. There are dog beds or even indoor dog houses you could purchase to facilitate this transition. However, it all boils down to the type of dog you need.


Dogs are amazing creatures of earth. They are sensitive to our moods and are really good companions. Now, with the question of where your dog should sleep, this article is proof that such a question is dependent on an individual’s primal need for a dog. If you want a dog that acts as your security or guard, then leave him outside, he’ll get a better view of the property that way. But if you want a dog that is calm, cuddly and with a friendly temperament, one which will also protect you when the need arises, then leave him inside.


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