Injured, Blind, And Pregnant, But Destiny Had Other Plans!

Watch the heartwarming story of this poor stray dog who was blind and pregnant when the rescuers found her. When the rescuers contacted the shelter people to take her in, they could not refuse. She was so miserable and badly injured, but still looked hopeful. The shelter guys finally took her to the hospital however it was too late to save her puppies.

The eight puppies that she was carrying were dead and they had to be removed immediately to avoid the infection from spreading into her body. The doctors treated her injured legs and helped her bounce back into good health. It’s heartwarming to see the way she co-operates with the treatment and keeps her calm. Although she cannot see, she trusts humans and let them save her life.

The doctors also helped in restoring her vision so that she could see the joys of her new life. After she was physically healed and groomed, Luna is flown to her new home where a new beginning awaits her. After all the tragedy, don’t forget to watch her happy ending. God certainly had good things in store for her. We hope her sufferings are finally over and she enjoys a good life ahead.

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