😢Severe Infections EATS UP Poor Puppy’s Fragile Skin!

Dogs are usually friendly and loving and loyal. That’s why when they are abused, we can’t help but wonder: WHY?

– Is it simply because some humans are just plain cruel?
– Are cases of dog abuse getting higher and higher by the year?
– What happened to this one dog who’s been mutilated? Find out the answers.

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All because of a cruel practice, a dog had to suffer tremendous pain when it got mutilated by its abusers. A poor and helpless Patterdale terrier was found to have multiple injuries that looked like they were severely infected.

The dog was indeed in a very tragic state, and what its abusers did was beyond disgusting!

Who could do such a thing and why?

Snickers, apparently was a victim of a gang who practices the most unusual ritual of intentionally harming dogs, all for the sake of fun and excitement.

The canine suffered so much infections that it needed severe medical attention so badly after it was found.

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Read Joe Gamp’s full article here – https://www.express.co.uk.

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