Belinda Lost Her Service Dog – Will She Find Another ?

You are lucky if you do not have any disability. But for those who are suffering from epilepsy just like Belinda, it is a worse condition. The good thing is, her dog, Tana assists her. However, what will happen to Belinda when Tana is gone? Will she still have the confidence to go on with her life? Will she be able to find a new dog as brilliant as Tana?

Belinda’s dog, Tana, died because of severe infection. For Belinda, Tana is her best friend. She assists Belinda, especially during her seizure attack. She also leads her to a safe place and prevents her from falls. Now she is gone, it is difficult for Belinda. She is having fundraising so that she can have a new disability assist dog since it is quite expensive.

Simpson says.
“A new disability assist dog can cost between $15,000 to $30,000”,

Simpson has set up a Givealittle page which has already raised more than $3500 to help her train a new dog.

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